Friday, October 30, 2009


The Iara are the Brazillian version of the mermaid or siren. They are a purely freshwater creature, habitating lakes and streams. Iara have green hair, pale skin and fish tails. They are also known as ladies of the lake or "water queens". Sometimes playing the part of a water nymph simply accenting the scenery of a story, other times acting as a siren and luring unsuspecting male victims to their deaths, and at still other times ensaring the hearts of men without ill intent and taking them to live in their cities beneath the water. These lucky few who are loved by the Iara go on to live lives of lavish luxury where their every need and want is satisfied. In typical mermaid fashion Iaras spend their days basking on rocks, singing beautifully while brushing their hair and gazing at their stunning reflections in the water. Any man who crosses paths with these creatures should beware they are flipping the coin of fate.

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  1. this creature ive dream about it for a year now a woman with green hair..close to water in my dream she was a daughter of nature which hints and the mermaid part...and i was head over heels for her