Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Batsquatch is of special interest to me because I am currently a resident of it's only known territory; the Mt. St. Helens-Mt. Rainier region. This fearsome creature is relatively new to the legendary creature world, the first sighting being in 1980. Nonetheless stories of the batsquatch hold the rapt attention of those brave adventurers who dare to hike in it's wilderness. The batsquatch is described as being a gruesome mix between a bat and a primate but possessing the wings of a pterodactyl. Purple furred body, blood red eyes and a monkey's head with giant bat ears. Certainly not a creature I wish to encounter anytime soon, but if planning a hike into this region take care, and keep a weary eye on the skies for this carnivorous cryptid.


  1. hey, this is so strange, are cartoon creatures also cryptids? Hope this doesn't include stuff that is just not cool... but scary is OK sometimes.

  2. well this is just a comic style drawing of a cryptid, also this cryptid is very very modern, it's only been around since 1980.

  3. Isn't there a similar creature in the wizard of oz? The wicked witch of the east has a whole herd or flock of them.