Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clurichaun- The Leprechaun's Cousin of the Night

The Clurichaun is a cousin to our beloved Leprechaun, and although very similar in appearance (but for the red cap upon their heads), has been noted to be quite opposite in disposition. Where leprechauns are known for their surly retorts and fondness of grumbling, Clurichauns are reported to be cheerful, jovial and jolly. Clurichauns are most often spotted in the evening near bottles of spirits and in wine cellars. They are usually pleasantly inebriated and may be seen riding on the backs of sheep or the family dog, as they careen away from their latests drinking spot. The best course of action to take if you come upon a Clurichaun in your cellar is to offer it a bottle or cask of a delectable vintage and invite it to make itself at home. Clurichauns make excellent guardians and protectors when they are made welcome in a home. However it would behoove you to avoid insulting or angering your Clurichaun or demonstrating drunken behavior as they can make a powerfully bothersome nuisance, tormenting you relentlessly. Also if you are searching for a Clurichaun of your own then remember that though they are quite the carousers at night you will never find one in the day as they are hard workers, only turning to drink after finishing a day's work.