Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jötunn/ Ettin

The Jötunn (norse) or Ettin (modern English) is a two headed giant. Described as a Gluttonous Man-Eater he personifies chaos and the destructive power of nature. Somewhat closer in resemblance to our modern idea of a troll this club-wielding behemoth is defeated by Thor in Norse mythology (see picture). Though brutish in form, their minds were sharp and they were known to be wise and a great source of knowledge about by gone eras. This intelligent side of their personality is what led some gods to choose them as spouses giving them the elevated status of minor gods.


  1. this is a fantastic spot... Im looking for more

  2. I was always told Jotunns were frost giants. They had no two-headed trolls in Norse Mythology to my knowledge. Jotunns were evil, but they never ate men. And the gods never chose spouses from the isles of giants or man, it was not in the proper god's nature to do such.