Thursday, October 29, 2009


The spriggan is a scary creature. Normally they are tiny things, ugly and covered head to toe in plantlike growths and leaves. They vary in color from greens to browns allowing them to easily blend in to the foliage. They are gaurdians of treasure found in graves, burrows and cairns. Though small in their normal state they can choose to inflate to huge monsterous shapes and are fierce warriors. It is said that they are the ghosts of dead giants which makes them all the more forebidible. These vengeful and michevious little creatures are also responsible for bringing destructive storms upon buildings and crops, wreaking havoc on those who live there. Futhermore, like their cousins the pixies, they often steal human children and replace them with hideous plant-like changeling children. If when roaming the cornish countryside, the area these creatures call home, you should happen to come across a spriggan it would be in your best interest to run the other way.

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