Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is a particularly neat little cryptid. The barbegazi are little dwarves who live high up in the Swiss alps. They are descried as being small little men covered in furry white hair with a very long white beard and enormous sled like feet. The travel through the snowy mountains using their feet like skis or snowshoes. They are only rarely seen because they choose to live in the coldest snowiest parts of the alps and only come out in the wintertime. The rest of the year they spend in slumber deep in mountain caves and tunnels. They get their name from the french barbe-glacée which means "frozen beard". They are benevolent little creatures who sometimes help those who venture into the high alps. Their favorite past time is riding avalanches using their feet as skis. When on the descent they whistle loudly to warn any people who might be below that an avalanche is on its way. They also help shepherds gather lost sheep and they try their best to dig out any who are caught in the path of an avalanche. They are cute little fellows and certainly good to have around for those few travelers who might cross their path.

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