Friday, October 30, 2009


The Iara are the Brazillian version of the mermaid or siren. They are a purely freshwater creature, habitating lakes and streams. Iara have green hair, pale skin and fish tails. They are also known as ladies of the lake or "water queens". Sometimes playing the part of a water nymph simply accenting the scenery of a story, other times acting as a siren and luring unsuspecting male victims to their deaths, and at still other times ensaring the hearts of men without ill intent and taking them to live in their cities beneath the water. These lucky few who are loved by the Iara go on to live lives of lavish luxury where their every need and want is satisfied. In typical mermaid fashion Iaras spend their days basking on rocks, singing beautifully while brushing their hair and gazing at their stunning reflections in the water. Any man who crosses paths with these creatures should beware they are flipping the coin of fate.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Batsquatch is of special interest to me because I am currently a resident of it's only known territory; the Mt. St. Helens-Mt. Rainier region. This fearsome creature is relatively new to the legendary creature world, the first sighting being in 1980. Nonetheless stories of the batsquatch hold the rapt attention of those brave adventurers who dare to hike in it's wilderness. The batsquatch is described as being a gruesome mix between a bat and a primate but possessing the wings of a pterodactyl. Purple furred body, blood red eyes and a monkey's head with giant bat ears. Certainly not a creature I wish to encounter anytime soon, but if planning a hike into this region take care, and keep a weary eye on the skies for this carnivorous cryptid.


The spriggan is a scary creature. Normally they are tiny things, ugly and covered head to toe in plantlike growths and leaves. They vary in color from greens to browns allowing them to easily blend in to the foliage. They are gaurdians of treasure found in graves, burrows and cairns. Though small in their normal state they can choose to inflate to huge monsterous shapes and are fierce warriors. It is said that they are the ghosts of dead giants which makes them all the more forebidible. These vengeful and michevious little creatures are also responsible for bringing destructive storms upon buildings and crops, wreaking havoc on those who live there. Futhermore, like their cousins the pixies, they often steal human children and replace them with hideous plant-like changeling children. If when roaming the cornish countryside, the area these creatures call home, you should happen to come across a spriggan it would be in your best interest to run the other way.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is a particularly neat little cryptid. The barbegazi are little dwarves who live high up in the Swiss alps. They are descried as being small little men covered in furry white hair with a very long white beard and enormous sled like feet. The travel through the snowy mountains using their feet like skis or snowshoes. They are only rarely seen because they choose to live in the coldest snowiest parts of the alps and only come out in the wintertime. The rest of the year they spend in slumber deep in mountain caves and tunnels. They get their name from the french barbe-glacée which means "frozen beard". They are benevolent little creatures who sometimes help those who venture into the high alps. Their favorite past time is riding avalanches using their feet as skis. When on the descent they whistle loudly to warn any people who might be below that an avalanche is on its way. They also help shepherds gather lost sheep and they try their best to dig out any who are caught in the path of an avalanche. They are cute little fellows and certainly good to have around for those few travelers who might cross their path.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jötunn/ Ettin

The Jötunn (norse) or Ettin (modern English) is a two headed giant. Described as a Gluttonous Man-Eater he personifies chaos and the destructive power of nature. Somewhat closer in resemblance to our modern idea of a troll this club-wielding behemoth is defeated by Thor in Norse mythology (see picture). Though brutish in form, their minds were sharp and they were known to be wise and a great source of knowledge about by gone eras. This intelligent side of their personality is what led some gods to choose them as spouses giving them the elevated status of minor gods.

An Introduction

I am a lonely but beautiful lover of mythological creatures, so I thought I would share with you all the interesting facts I find about these fantastic beings from stories around the world. Unicorns to Finfolk, the mighty Cracken and the Nyads. Bashe and Axex, the list is long and varied. So many wonderful and thrilling tales told - populated by beasts and beings of power and magic. I'm going to share my adventures in investigation - where-in I'll reveal the origins and mystique surrounding these incredible mythical beings.