Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Zulu abatwa are a tiny ant-riding race of people who live beneath blades of grass. They first came about when the nature spirit Vash'Nok cried and his tears fell to the earth, burst and formed into this diminutive little race. They are very shy little creatures who only allow them selves to be seen by young children, pregnant women, and magicians. Being that they are very small you must watch where you walk because if you step on an Abatwa it is a death sentence for you. They carry potently poinsoned arrows and will not hesitate to shoot someone who has offended them. Legends have it that if you come across an abatwa it will ask you a question, something like "From where did you first see me?" to this you must respond "from that mountain far off in the distance" or " from miles out to sea" these answer will save your skin, for the abatwa are very sensitive about their size. These answer reasure them that their stature is so great they are visible from a great distance off. If you answer wrong and inform an abatwa that you just came upon them and saw them in that moment then you will meet your end by the point of their poison darts. The abatwa are a nomadic people, most often encountered when they are hunting from the backs of ants.

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