Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The manticore, a potentially scary and yet pitiable beast. About the size of a pony , it has the face of a human on a lion's body with the tail of a scorpion and three rows of gumless teeth. Manticores are sometimes winged but always flightless. Sometimes walking upright like a human other times walking on all fours like a lion. This cryptid has a particular taste for humans, these creatures are always on the hunt as they are ever hungry. The Manticore can speak like a human though with a strange accent that has often been likened to the sound of a trumpet or the baleful calls of cattle. They are described as wild, foolish, emotional and gluttonous, not a very safe combination. Although we, as humans, do have the advantage of superior intellect which is our only saving grace. Trickery is your best defence should you encounter one. The manticore has been around for ages and appears in several regions throughout the middle east and Europe. Accordingly it has sparked the imagination of many. My personal favorite depiction of a manticore is in Madeline L'Engel's "Many Waters". She gives such a clear picture of the beast and shows it to be terrifying and formidable but at the same time she pulls on your heart a little for the poor foolish beast who only wants a meal. Don't feel too bad though as the manticore wasn't starving, like I said they are terribly gluttonous. Happy Travels!

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