Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The peryton is definitely one of the neatest cryptids I have come across. It is said they are the spirits of travelers who died while far away from home. They are winged gazelles or deer, quite beautiful and colored in shades of light blue and deep forest green. Originally hailing from Atlantis, they are unique in a couple ways. One, they cast the shadow of a man rather than their own shadow. And two, although when in flocks they have been known to attack, and they are completely impervious to all weapons, they can only kill one person each. After that they are as tame and safe as can be. They are most often sighted flying over the striaght of Gibraltar.


  1. I love the top one-- it reminds me of an issue of the Sandman comic book (by Neil Gaiman) where a man takes the form of a bear. This is a great blog, and totally unique! Keep up the great posting.

  2. this really helped me a lot thanks! i was reading some thing and a peryton came up and had no idea what it was thanks!!!
    -her daughter